Analyze maps and data

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Whether you need to prepare information for grants or loans, or want to clearly present certain information about your town to residents or others, certain tools will get the job done. For instance, a map showing where the floodplains lie in your town can be especially useful when planning the reuse of an abandoned property. Below are different tools for mapping and gathering data that you can easily access.

Maps you can easily use

wvfloodmapWest Virginia Flood Map Tool [click to access tool]
This tool helps floodplain managers, insurance agents, developers, real estate agents, local planners, and citizens to make informed decisions about the degree of flood risk for a specific area or property.

mapwvMap West Virginia [click to access tool]
MapWV is a gateway to free online mapping resources for the state including high-quality maps and geographic data illustrating trail systems, fishing, flood zones, and more.

ejscreenEnvironmental Justice Screen [click to access tool]
The US EPA developed this mapping tool to support goals related to the protection of public health and the environment. The tool combines environmental and demographic indicators in maps and reports.

Get demographic data

census-factfinderAmerican Fact Finder [click to access tool]
This tool offered through the U.S. Census allows you to search by geography or subject to gather demographic data and other facts (population, housing, income, etc). Click here for a guide on how to navigate the site.

uscensusU.S. Census [click to access tool]
Visit to access a range of tools such as state and county quick facts, infographics, and other information collected on the U.S. population.


blsBureau of Labor Statistics [click to access tool]
Visit to access data and information on jobs including labor market activity, working conditions, and price changes in the economy. This information can be helpful in public and private decision-making.

Quickly Access Rural Data

ruraldataQuick Rural Data [click to access resource]
This resource offers a list of links to data resources for people working in rural areas. Topics include Employment and Economics, Demographics, Environment, and Health. The purpose is to provide a quick, first look at local information, not to provide detailed data sets.