The City of Thomas Demolishes Eagle’s Nest Building

Thomas, WV - Demolition of the Eagle's Nest on Spruce Street in December 2017

Thomas, WV – Demolition of the Eagle’s Nest on Spruce Street in December 2017

Just before Christmas, the City of Thomas crossed another BAD Building off of their inventory. The “Eagle’s Nest” building on Spruce Street was demolished thanks to the collaboration of the private property owner, Woodlands Development Group, and the WVDEP.

The Eagle’s Nest was one of four three story, light wood frame, mixed use buildings on Spruce Street. As you entered Thomas from the southern gateway, this was the first major building visible to visitors. The building was chosen for demolition based on state of dilapidation, visibility as a gateway structure, and potential immediate site reuse.

The owner of the now demolished Eagle’s Nest, Kevin Jones, plans to use the site to accommodate businesses and residents for the adjacent structure, the Milkint Building. The Milkint Building is being renovated for two commercial spaces and six apartments. Four of the apartments are planned to be long term rentals. You can check out more on these renovations and future spaces at

Interior of the 1000 SF commercial space prior to the renovation in the Milkint Building in Thomas, WV. Originally, this space was used as a general store for the town.

When entering Thomas from the north onto East Avenue along the water front, guests are welcomed by the warm magic of Thomas’ small town main street filled with small businesses and art galleries. Soon guests coming in from the south gateway on Spruce Street will get a similar experience thanks to the newly renovated Milkint Building and the hard work of all the local stakeholders.

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