APC Collecting Data on Vacant Schools across WV

Shinnston Primary School; Photograph by Meagan Ward

The Abandoned Properties Coalition is tackling a widespread issue across West Virginia and is requesting information about vacant schools across the state. Do you know know of a vacant school in your community?

The Abandoned Properties Coalition is dedicated to the revitalization of vacant and dilapidated properties in order to positively contribute to community well-being. Currently, the APC is targeting a growing issue that affects nearly every community in the state of West Virginia: abandoned and vacant school buildings.

Once a school building becomes decommissioned, the building can sit empty for decades as it becomes dilapidated and unsafe without a responsible party to ensure the continuation of its maintenance. However, these structures still hold the potential for productive reuse and can assist in the revitalization of our neighborhoods. With their size and design, these school buildings can be repurposed for housing, commercial, or community use.

In order to fully understand the scale of this issue and to efficiently create an action plan, the APC has created a survey to collect more information on vacant school buildings. If you know of a vacant school building anywhere in the state of West Virginia, please take a moment to fill out this survey.


Below is a current list of the known vacant schools from the APC inventory. If you have any questions or concerns about this list or other possible vacant schools, please contact our Preserve WV AmeriCorps member Summer Phillips at sophillips@mail.wvu.edu